About us

JSC SIA Akonit is one of the Russian belt conveyor market-leaders and provides modern technological bulk handling solutions. Our expertise is complete conveyor system and component manufacturing. We provide a wide range of services from technical auditing and design up to commissioning and following maintenance. Over 500 projects were realised within the previous 19 years to serve the needs of companies representing various industries: chemical, energy, coal, mining, pulp and paper, processing, gold mining and others. Almost 400 km of conveyors were delivered and put into operation.

In October 2020 we launched a new conveyor roller/idler production unit in the Special Economic Zone of Alabuga. In 2022 we are launching a new plant manufacturing steelwork and frames.

линия штамповки корпуса

The roduction is focused on manufacturing key conveyor components, such as conveyor rollers, with the output of up to 1 million units annually. The plant is equipped with the newest and most efficient machinery from the Worlds leading brands – roller assembly line, painting line, stamp line, pallet-winder, robotic welding machines.

The main advantage of our product is quality level that is provided by our multi-step system of in-process quality control. The quality-check system is integrated at all production stages – material control, in-process quality monitoring of operations performed and check of finished products. The line is automated by 80% at the moment, but it is planned to achieve 100% of automation. It allows to exclude the human factor impact from the complete production process and, thus, to increase accuracy and quality of the finished goods.